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6omb Gives Brands the Technical Capabilities Needed to Rapidly Scale Beyond 7 and 8 Figures

6omb Services

Growth + Technical Team Building

Get help building cross-functional development, marketing & analytics teams that can take on the biggest initiatives. 6omb can help with hiring, onboarding, culture building, and even implementing performance standards for different roles.

Initiative Planning & Execution Management

6omb helps companies tackle their most difficult internal growth and technical challenges head on. Analytics, Software Development, and Growth initiatives are our specialty but 6omb is open to a variety of other technical endeavors.

Tech Stack Consulting

Get expert help with Analytics, Marketing Automation, Platform APIs/Connectors, Attribution Solutions and Tracking Technologies when you need it. 6omb has helped survey 100s of platforms and set up dozens of these platforms for different organizations looking to get a handle on their MarTech stacks.

Growth + Technical Project Consulting

Having someone with years of experience not only managing but DOING Analytics, Marketing and Software Development projects can be invaluable. 6omb has done everything from helping manage complex client relationships to supporting internal technical projects and beyond.


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A Leader In Tech

"After 6 years of leading technical and growth projects I realized clients were not hiring me to code or run campaigns, but to reduce risk, plan, and expand capabilities.

Through my experience I have managed, trained, advised and implemented a number of cutting edge solutions many brands didn't feel comfortable tackling alone.

Ultimately, managing these 6-7 figure budgets across development, marketing and analytics focused teams has given me a unique perspective with many industries and diverse team building techniques.

If you are looking to expand your companies capabilities, reach out and see how I can help"

Terrell Gentry

6omb Founder

Customers & Clients


From Past Clients

"T is a big picture thinker that can move quickly and effectively!"

Tom Worcester


"Terrell is a reliable, highly capable partner. I enjoyed working with him."

Fredrick Light


"Helpful and actionable advice from development and CRO viewpoint."

Jenna Papesh

VP Of Digital Acquisition

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