Growth Engineering & Conversion Optimization

Companies hire 6omb to systematically tackle growth opportunities, train their teams and ensure long term, engineered growth

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Full-Funnel Conversion Optimization

Grow you'r brand by applying best practices and using an experimentation driven framework. Based on your goals we apply a variety of tools on an as needed basis like AB testing, digital behavior analysis, custom tracking solutions, etc.

Growth Engineering Services

How do you find your business’ weaknesses then systematically solve those weaknesses while building the right culture of marketing infused with tech? Let our founders help you and tackle your biggest challenges through a performance based consulting partnership.

Advanced Development Services

Operations, Marketing, Systems Integrations. Every merchant has unique needs, get expert help with wiring together all of your e-commerce related systems or any other type of Shopify development.

We research and design e-commerce experiences that are fast, beautiful and conversion optimized based on industry leading digital behavior analysis.

Highkey Conversion Optimization
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Megagrass theme development
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Goodees theme development & Integrations
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We Specialize in Brand Growth

"After 7 years of leading Shopify plus projects and dozens of clients later it became clear to me no specialized growth teams really exist.

6omb is a group of growth hackers that came together out of a passion for difficult high growth potential projects.

If you are looking to grow your brand, reach out and see how we can help"

Terrell Gentry


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From Past Clients

"T is a big picture thinker that can move quickly and effectively!"

Tom Worcester


"Terrell is a reliable, highly capable partner. I enjoyed working with him."

Fredrick Light


"Helpful and actionable advice from development and CRO viewpoint."

Jenna Papesh

VP Of Digital Acquisition

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